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About Cats and Critters

Pets are members of your family. When you have to be away from them you want to know that they are still getting the best care possible. Cats and Critters is here to help put your mind at ease.  Some pets require extra attention and that's where our expertise comes in.  Exotic pets have a variety of husbandry requirements depending on the species. It helps to have someone who is familiar with those requirements and can ensure that those requirements are fulfilled. Other pets may have special needs such as medication or subcutaneous fluid administration or other medical issues that require attention. Having an experienced veterinary technician capable of attending to a pet's medical needs is essential to caring for your special pet when you are away.

Julie Smith, Owner

A recently retired veterinary technician, Julie has been caring for animals professionally for nearly two decades. She has worked at numerous animal hospitals, both general practices and emergency care facilities. She has also worked and volunteered at AZA accredited zoos caring for a variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Julie has three cats and several reptiles and amphibians of her own as well.  Julie is a true animal lover and is passionate about providing the best care to ALL animals both big and small. In her spare time, Julie is an avid hiker and spends most of her time exploring the mountains.


Delia, The Real Boss

Delia wandered into Julie's front yard back in 2005 and decided it seemed like a good place to stay. She has been the boss of the house ever since. She tolerates her two feline sisters and helps Julie take care of all of the scaly critters including her best buddy, Matilda, the bearded dragon.

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